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Alright, I finally watched Gladiator the other night on TNT- which by the way I love that network so much, but to continue- I watched Gladiator and I though it was great and that the name "Maximus" was even greater. Seriously, when you think about it a person who is called Maximus expels a certain 'je ne sais quoi' about their person simply because of that name! They can be the biggest wimps but because they are called Maximus they are going to leave an impression. I truly believe a name defines a person. Me for example- Bessie is a 50's name, very popular then but only given to cows now. My name is weird, special, funny, unique, its me! And no I'm not conceited. Another example? All the Stacy's I've met have been dumb. All the Alison's I've met have been intriguing. All Mike's are easy going and all George's, or Jorge's in Spanish, are assholes. Sorry but its true, they are pimp daddys who can't commit to one woman. So where am I going? I love the name Maximus but its a hard name to pin down with a specific type of person. You can either have the name and be strong, a leader, with rock solid values- like in the movie- or you can be the self centered guy who thinks he's too hot for his own shadow. And if we're talking about naming a girl Maxima then I don't know what the hell that girl will be like except hateful toward her parents. It's interesting really, I enjoy thinking about these useless intricacies of life because even though they won't bring world peace or end hunger they can get you to learn more about yourself. I have learned that I make preconceived judgments, oops! But I have also learned that these judgments are not necessarily always on the mean or critical side but on the side of thinking any person deserves a chance even if you get a certain first image that may not convince you about getting to know them more. Think about it. When you are just hanging around and the simplest action or comment get your mind thinking thats major use of brain power. We are such intelligent creatures that if we really concentrate enough we can go back to baby memories! I guess I am just fascinated by my self-discovery and I just want to share it (but meanwhile I m also deciding whether or not to foster a little Maximus junior sometime in the future). For now, put on your thinking caps! Look at the sky and imagine yourself flying, lick a ring pop and laugh at the color of your tongue, look in the mirror and say hello to yourself evey morning- the best relationship you can ever have in this world is one with your own person. Yeah, too deep, but hey sometimes it's gotta be.
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